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Engineering your dreams with us.

The success depends on some significant factors like design, fabrication and installation. The highly proficient teams specializing in fabrication, design as well as installation work together for every project. This starts from the professional proposals through effective strategy to make sure every single objective is achieved as expected by the client.

The expertise is combined with the on-site practical efficiency in achieving reasonably priced, and value engineered solutions for clients. Most important that our Client will reduce production cost and increase profit with the help of our solution and product.The engineering team consists of expert level professionals having proven their engineering skills through years including creative draftsmen and technical professionals.

The team’s knowledge and expertise is continuously updated by using world class opportunities meant to rejuvenate engineering expertise and inculcate creative bent of mind. Our collaboration with renowned German businesses makes sure that our teams have regular international engineering exposure.

For some specific cases, we offer the expertise of specialist consultants that are tied up with us on project basis. The experts come from local as well as international markets as per the project requirement. The consultants work in the managerial guidelines and supervision of our in house engineers to ensure adherence to company specific quality standards. The quality standards include ISO accredited standards of quality and risk managing techniques.

When it comes to designing of our mineral processing plants, products and applications involved in material handling, the technical assistance is derived from German methodology and is of world class standard.

The success and accomplishments of our company is derived by our specialists and efficient people that believe in working and encouraging each other throughout quarry &mining projects. Our approach to the client work is specific and we believe is designing a team of experts meant to individually cater to specific client project requirements. This makes sure the result is optimized designs as per client’s instructions.

The engineering teams within our company are specially meant to offer the achieved engineering expertise, innovative approach, and cost effectiveness along with professional execution. Our teams possess the expertise to handle complex to demanding projects that may include plant up gradation, refurbishment work, and work involving mechanical, electrical, structural and hydraulic engineering domains.



Once the client design is approved, the next phase of basic engineering commences. This entails devising a design and engineering idea for the plant. Our team of proficient engineering experts brainstorm with the client about their production needs. They also bring in third-party specialists to help in this phase. Once the ideation is done, a flowchart is developed using industry standard AggFlow software to help assess the optimum capacity requirement for all machines. This flow chart output is then used to create conceptual drawings for the plant to put together a basic framework of the various critical components of the plant. This proposal drawing stage helps to determine various units and metrics such as dimensions of steel structures, conveyor belt length etc. Based on the conceptual drawing, we can then do expert level pre-structural analysis, and mass estimation. In addition, we also procure quotes for machinery that needs to be sourced from third party vendors. Once all technical inputs are in place, we put forth a well-researchedrequest for quotation to the client.


The process where we generate ideas and solutions through sessions such as Prototyping, Brainstorming.

Flow chart development

Visual representation of the sequence of steps and decisions needed to perform a process.

Conceptual corporal drawing

Architecture is a story. It's not only about the end product, it's about the journey that got you there

Detailed Engineering

The second phase is a more advanced and elaborate procedure to carry forward the project towards successful completion. Based on the conceptual drawings and flowchart, a more detailed level of layout drawing is done. In parallel, the filter specialists help assemble duct work mechanisms. Also, the pre-structural analysis will form the basis for a final structural analysis. This is accomplished using FEM software (finite element modeling). In the meanwhile, procurement quote from third party vendors/suppliers is forwarded to the purchase department for approval. Once all this is in place and approved, we commence with building manufacturing designs followed by foundation anchoring and load plans. This is done by delivering load plans to client and assembly drawings for erection team. All these are finally documented for future reference.

Final drawings of layout

Geometric layouts and supplemental drawings

Duct work assembly

Planning, sizing, optimizing, detailing, and finding the pressure losses through a duct system

Final structural analysis

Structural analysis is the determination of the effects of loads on physical structures and their components